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It's already been a while, but South Africa will always have a special place in our hearts. From the beautiful coast along the Garden Route, the steep and rocky cliffs, the green hills in the vineyards to the pristine sand beaches, the amazing National Parks with its huge variety of wild animals and the modern, but relaxed metropoles like Cape Town. There is something to discover in every corner of this country. During our trip on the top of Signal Hill, we also met Rochelle and Dexter, a gorgeous couple who live not too far away. And they were simply amazing. Not only are they super sweet, they are also absolutely fun to hang out with. So o ... SHOW MORE
I already showed some pictures of Stella and Marco a while ago, who I met as part of a Beloved Stories date in Mödling. That same day, I also had the pleasure to meet Andrea and Philipp, another wonderful couple who were joining us. And they were truly something. Never before did I have such a passionate couple in front of my camera. Although they were surrounded by ten or more photographers at the same time, they managed to completely ignore us, just enjoying themselves and celebrating their love. And as the sun came out and offered an unforgettable spectacle, these two lovers still couldn't let go of each other. So we continued shooting ... SHOW MORE
We didn't really plan this shoot upfront. In fact, I only received a message from Johanna & Fabian the day before, asking whether I would be available, as they are in the area. I already knew them from a shoot we did earlier this year and still remember how much fun we had. Naturally, when I heard more about their plans, it was hard to say "no". :) And so it happened that we met in Leopoldskron the next day - pretty early in the morning actually - for a little sunrise shoot. It was quite chilly and Fabian was still suffering from a slight cold, but it didn't prevent these two love birds from enjoying their time in front of the camera. Jo ... SHOW MORE
Not too long ago, I had the pleasure to take part at the Beloved Stories Date in Salzburg. It was so much fun and a great experience to meet so many talented photographers, who all share the same passion. So when I learned there would be a similar event in Vienna, organized by the lovely Sophie, I didn't think twice about attending it. To be precise, we all gathered a bit outside of Vienna, in a recreational area near Mödling. And wow, it was really something. A gorgeous landscape covered with very old trees, perfect lighting conditions and in addition, many great peers from all over Austria joining the session. Oh, and last but not least, ... SHOW MORE
Who would think that Verena and Hannes are already together for 17 years now? Their love still feels so fresh and young. When you see how they care for each other, the look in their eyes when holding hands, so gently, yet tight enough to know, they would never let go... One might think they literally just fell in love. But the fact that their relationship is going strong for such a long time, makes it even more important and meaningful that they finally decided to exchange their vows later this year. And I do not exaggerate when I tell you how much I‘m looking forward to this day in August. The two have amazing plans for a wonderful mounta ... SHOW MORE
When a couple of motivated photographers meet to exchange their opinions, share some knowledge and learn from each other, most of the time it also involves a small photo shoot. On this beautiful and sunny day in January, Daniela from OhElla organized a Beloved Stories date on top of the Gaisberg. And as she summoned various photographers from near and far, people seem to come from all directions, including Munich, Vienna and even Slovenia. What a great way to meet like-minded people. After a round of introductions, a bit of small talk and - why not? - some beer, it was time for our photo shoot. In total, we had the pleasure to meet and sho ... SHOW MORE